Ameriplan® Dental & Healthcare Plans

The Ameriplan® Dental Plus Package includes Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic discounts. Dental Plus also includes discounts. The family plan is just $25.00 a month.

The Ameriplan® Med Plus Package includes the Telemedicine program, Hospital Advocacy, Ancillary Services, and Prescription Discounts.. The family plan is just $25.00 a month. This plan applies to anyone living in the same household.

Our Ameriplan® Combo Package includes all programs from Dental Plus and Med Plus combined! This program would provide you Medical (physician care, Ancillary Services, Hospital Advocacy, Nurseline), Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic Discounts! It also includes Telemedicine. Telemedicine gives you 24/7 access to doctors by email or phone call. This plan is $40.00 a month and covers your entire household.

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AmeriPlan Dental® Discount

Our Dental Plan has more than 30,000 Dentists in the United States. You
can save up to 80% on General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry,
Orthodontics, oral surgery and All Specialists

  • No reimbursements – you get Instant Savings
  • Don’t worry about paperwork – there is none to fill out
  • There is NO waiting period
  • There is NO limit on services, use the plan as often as you need
  • There is NO age limit
  • All ongoing dental problems are accepted, except orthodontic treatment already in progress!

Know that you need a treatment? Sign up and start saving instantly!


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AmeriPlan® Prescription Discount

More than 50,000 pharmacies nationwide including most national chain pharmacies, such as Eckerd, Walgreen’s and K-Mart.

  • Save up to 25% on most brand-name prescription drugs.
  • Save from up to 50% on most generic prescription drugs.
  • Special savings on most high volume and maintenance type drugs.
  • Most prescription drugs are included, both at the retail pharmacy and by mail order.
  • Includes special prescription monitoring service for individual drug history.
  • You may not receive a savings on some high volume or maintenance drugs since these medications may have already been reduced at the pharmacy level.
  • You will recieve a TOLL-FREE NUMBER to locate independent and chain-participating network pharmacies.

Some high volume or maintenance drugs may not be eligible for savings because they may have already been reduced at the pharmacy level


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Some high use maintenance drugs are available only by mail order

AmeriPlan Vision® Discount

Our Vision Plan has more than 12,000 Providers in the United States including most national chains such as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, JC Penny, and Sears.

  • Unlike AmeriPlan’s® proprietary dental and chiropractic plans, the vision plan is administered by Coast to Coast Vision.
  • Includes ALL Prescription Eyewear
  • Save from 20%-60% on all frames, lenses, tints, scratch resistant coatings, & UV protection.
  • Save from 5%-30% on ophthalmology exams and surgery (including RK & ALK) with certain providers in selected markets.
  • Save up to 60% on contact lenses including daily wear, extended wear, disposable, tinted, bifocals, and gas permeable. Contacts are available through mail order only.

When requesting service, member must identify themselves as a member of Coast to Coast Vision Plan. Refer to the logo on your membership ID card.

AmeriPlan Chiropractic® Discount

AmeriPlan® Has OVER 7,500 Chiropractic Doctors in our Network

  • First consultation is FREE for your chiropractic needs
  • You will SAVE 50% on ALL diagnostic services
  • You will SAVE 50% SAVINGS on all required x-rays
  • 30% SAVINGS on all treatment and other services, including massage therapy.
  • Unlimited access to care with no limits on the number of visits
  • A toll-free number to locate independent and chain-participating network chiropractors.


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AmeriPlan Med Plus®

Ameriplan’s Med Plus® PROGRAM that includes Telemedicine, Hospital Advocacy, Ancillary Services and Prescription Discounts!

  • Now Available Nationwide! (except Montana, Wyoming,North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Alaska) (Florida Click here)
  • Over 400,000 Primary Care Physicians in our Network!
  • You will have a patient advocate assigned to you during hospital confinement – inpatient or outpatient
  • No limits on services
  • All ongoing medical problems are accepted
  • No age limit
  • You and your Doctor control the level of care
  • No insurance carrier, no PPO, no HMO so the savings are passed on to YOU
  • Family Care Physicians, Specialists, Ancillary Care Providers, Dentists, Chiropractors, Vision Care and Prescription Drug benefit
  • Podiatry care for your foot and ankle

Savings will be up to 50% and a full array of medical services as well as the Benefit & Savings of utilizing an Ameriplan Health® Patient Advocate to represent you! You have the DECISION MAKING Power! Take advantage of Ameriplan’s® large customer base!

What makes AmeriPlan Health® Different and Better? Because It is Consumer Driven Health Care, not Insurance.

  • Primary care physicians and specialists
  • Lab, x-rays, scans, hearing, counseling, etc
  • Individually assigned advocate to negotiate fees for hospital confinements
  • Includes Dental Care – with FREE Vision Care, Prescription Drug and Chiropractic Care
  • 30,000 dental providers
  • 7,500 chiropractors
  • 50,000 pharmacies
  • 12,000 vision care providers
  • Includes an AmeriPlan® Health credit account for payment of medical services.*
  • No waiting period.
  • No pre-authorization for treatment. You and your health care provider make all medical treatment decisions.
  • All laboratory treatment included.
  • No Paperwork and no insurance companies to deal with.
  • All specialists included, where available.
  • All ongoing medical problems are accepted
  • Cosmetic surgery included.
  • No age limit on treatment or services. Includes newborn to geriatric care.
  • You can change physicians whenever you want.
  • Membership fee guaranteed for two years.


Our Telemedicine program gives you access to a Doctor over the phone or by
email. This program can cut out many unnecessary visits to a Doctor’s
office for routine and common conditions.

  • 24/7 access to a Doctor at a fraction of the cost of an office visit
  • Consultation and Diagnosis over the phone
  • Get prescriptions filled
  • No waiting in an office
  • No exposure to other sick people
  • Saves time!
  • Nationwide access
  • No paperwork or insurance forms
  • No waiting period before you can use the program


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

“If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of becoming a member, you may cancel your membership in writing by mail to 5700 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas 75024, fax to (469) 229-4595 or email to [email protected]. Your membership fee will be refunded. Please be aware that the one-time administrative fee and money paid for healthcare services and products are not refundable. After 30 days membership fees are not-refundable. You may cancel your membership at any time upon written request to AmeriPlan®.”

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Ameriplan® Career Opportunities

According to US Government statistics* over 15% of Americans were without insurance in 2003, including over 8 million children; in addition, 43.6 million** Americans were underinsured the same year. As the nation’s premier Provider Access Organization, AmeriPlan® is positioning itself to provide Americans with much-needed affordable supplemental healthcare. For AmeriPlan® members and providers, this presents the career opportunity of a lifetime! Become an Ameriplan® independent business owner.

Become an Ameriplan® Independent Business Owner and make your work at home dreams a reality

Ameriplan® offers a great home based business opportunity. You can become an Ameriplan® independent business owner and enjoy working at home without having to commute or pay a babysitter. This is great for moms who want to work at home. You are a independent business owner for Ameriplan® which means you are a home business owner. It is not a difficult business as you will be offering people something they need at an affordable price. Ameriplan® is not a get rich quick scam. You have to be willing to put in the time and work hard, however, Ameriplan® has to a lot of training and resources to offer to get you started and help you establish your business for the long run. Ready to join the team? Become an Ameriplan® independent business owner Now!