AmeriPlan’s® Solution to Rising Medical Costs

Medical Costs today have skyrocketed, and will continue to do so. It is estimated that rising medical costs will top out at eight percent more in 2005 than they were in 2004. With increasing technology, increasing malpractice insurance costs, and increasing red tape, a person with no insurance could be swept up in the rising tide of medical costs. For these people Ameriplan® offers hope for continued medical coverage at reasonable prices.

Ameriplan Health® is not an insurance company or a health organization, but it works with doctors and other health care providers to offer a discounted service rate to Ameriplan® members. Ameriplan® offers a wide network of providers, and allows you to choose among their providers. With Ameriplan Health®, you will pay a monthly fee to gain access to their network of physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and other ancillary care practitioners. There are no limits to service with Ameriplan®, so you can see as many doctors for as many conditions without concern Ameriplan® will NOT cancel your coverage.

Ameriplan® takes rising medical costs seriously and works very hard to keep its customers from feeling the strain of increased costs. With Ameriplan®, you and your doctor control your level of care. Because there are no insurance companies between you and your doctor, the savings Ameriplan® offers are passed right on to you, the customer. With Ameriplan Health®, you will be offered a credit card to cover your medical expenses, accepted at most health facilities. Regardless of your age, current health, or pre-existing conditions, Ameriplan® has a network of physicians and care givers who can meet your need without stripping your pocket book.