Ameriplan® Bulk Purchasing

Too many people are without medical insurance. Families USA reported that one in three non-elderly Americans were without insurance in 2002-2003. They also reported that four in five of the people who said they did not have health insurance were working. Why are working people living without health insurance? Because the rising costs of medical care and prescriptions have burdened employers beyond what they can reasonably offer employees. The health care crisis in America is a business issue: the rising costs of health care and the increasing red tape surrounding providers and patients have stifled the easier access of times past. Employers, politicians, and health industry officials are recognizing the importance of having a group of users unite to benefit from the bulk purchasing power that brings down costs and increases efficiency in health care.

Small business owners know how difficult it is to make a dollar stretch. They operate against large industry giants that would swallow them, and yet still try to remain in touch with their employees. Bulk purchasing power enables the smaller business to offer affordable health care similar to the giant corporations while still maintaining economic freedom. Ameriplan Health® makes bulk purchasing power to work for them to bring you affordable health care costs with an number of various providers and services. By working with physicians and health care professionals, in alliance with other health care users, Ameriplan® has worked out a vast array of savings and the participating physicians and service providers are ensured continued patronage. Everyone wins when a group of users pool their resources to attain the best possible health care benefits, and Ameriplan® is leading the way with affordable options.