AmeriPlan Health® helps Small Businesses

In 2002, one in three Americans was without health insurance. Of those without health insurance, four of five said they were working. Why are working people going without health insurance? Because small business owners are struggling to stay in business against large corporations while still maintaining the perks of small business to their employees and customers. Small business owners, once the best option for health benefits and a down-home work environment, now face more pressure than ever to find affordable solutions to the health care crisis.

Discount benefits such as, Ameriplan Health®, can enable small business owners to offer affordable benefits to their employees. Ameriplan Health® is not an insurance company or a health organization, but a discount program that offers discounts on a wide variety of services to its members. Utilizing bulk purchasing power and eliminating the insurance middle man, Ameriplan Health® can help small business owners offer medical, dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic benefits at a low cost per month. AmeriPlan’s® Discount programs take some of the pressure from the employer, by placing the burden of health care cost with patients. Discount programs, however, do not put the burden on patients without first drastically decreasing the amount of money patients pay for services. Discount health programs return the power of medical choices to the patient, as the doctor and patient determine the level of care necessary without input from an impersonal HMO. The benefits of Discount prorams, especially those offered by Ameriplan Health®, offer affordable health care benefits without sinking small business in insurance fees.