Ameriplan® Helps with Prescription Costs

Rising Prescription Drug Costs

The Prescription Drug industry is booming, regardless of any depression felt across other sectors of the economy. Rising Prescription Drug costs are due to many factors. In the United States, pharmaceutical companies are not tightly leashed, and they have the power to up prescription prices several hundred percent above the cost of manufacturing. Pharmaceutical companies do not have to compete with foreign markets, as the Unites States does not currently allow imported drugs, so companies can charge as they will with little thought to competitive markets elsewhere. Ameriplan USA® and Ameriplan Health® understand you n eed prescriptions, and they are here to help you get the medicine you really need at a price you can afford to pay.

Ameriplan® offers you a savings of up to fifty percent at over fifty thousand major retailers. Ameriplan® can offer you this savings because they negotiate with retailers, physicians, and other health care providers for a discounted rate to you an your covered family members. Ameriplan® is not an insurance company or health organization, so you can buy prescriptions for pre-existing conditions at the discounted rate as well. You pay a monthly membership fee, and Ameriplan® USA does the work for you. Ameriplan® offers special discounts on high-volume maintenance drugs. You can choose with Ameriplan® retailer you would like to purchase your prescriptions from, and some mail-order companies are covered as well. You will receive a fifty percent savings on generic drugs, and up to twenty five percent in savings on name brand drugs as well! Ameriplan® is concerned about rising prescription costs, and wants to help you continue with good health while maintaining a sensible healthcare budget.