Ameriplan® Information

In today’s market of rising health care and prescription costs, nearly one in three Americans must go without health insurance. Without health insurance, many people simply cannot afford health care. Several factors make health insurance inaccessible to potential clients. High monthly costs, large premiums, little selection among providers, and reduced range of services covered can decrease the efficiency of an insurance plan and make health care a precarious situation for many. Ameriplan® has a solution to the health care conundrum that benefits the patient and provider both.

Ameriplan® offers a membership package with many unique benefits that a typical insurance company cannot offer. Because Ameriplan® is not an insurance company, the power to decide a patient’s level of care rests with the doctor and patient. Ameriplan does not exclude individuals because of age or because of previous conditions. For a low monthly membership fee, Ameriplan® members can access a vast network of physicians, vision care experts, dentists, chiropractors, and other care givers to meet their health needs. These providers have agreed to offer their services for a discounted rate. The patient pays the provider directly, so both save time in dealing with insurance companies and filling out forms.

Ameriplan® offers this unique opportunity to individuals and families because they are not an insurance company. They work one-on-one with providers to guarantee the best rate for patients. Ameriplan® covers contacts, glasses, vision, prescriptions, cosmetic dentistry, and even orthodontics. Never pay full price for health care when Ameriplan® has brokered a better deal for members.