Health FAQs

Ameriplan Health® Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ameriplan Health® be used in with my other health insurance?
Yes, our medical discount program can be used with your other insurance. However, it is always up to the doctor’s discretion to accept both. And, as with our other programs, your insurance should always be the primary form of payment.

Can AmeriPlan Health® Benefits be used with my Medicare or Medicaid coverage?
No. This is not allowed under Medicare rules.

How can I refer my personal physician to AmeriPlan®?
You can send a referral to [email protected] You can also call the AmeriPlan Health® Customer Service number at 1-866-977-2477. Your name must always be associated with the referral.

Why would a doctor or other health provider want to participate in the AmeriPlan Health® Program?
There are many reasons:

  • patient care is put back into the doctor’s control
  • the provider gets paid at the time of care. Insurance plans make the provider wait up to 120 days to get paid.
  • No paperwork
  • No follow ups to get payment and confirm coverage
  • No billing to issue to patient or third-party payer
  • Less costs for advertising since our members are referred to providers by our network restrictions.

How is the fee schedule for medical?
The rates that you will be charged are based upon either a set fee schedule that the provider has contracted with Ameriplan®, a percentage, or a percentage above normal Medical payable fees. On average, your discount will vary between 20% – 50%. Labs and Diagnostics will have discounts of up to 80%!

When I arrive for my appointment, how does Ameriplan® ensure the provider will understand how the plan works?
An Ameriplan® customer service representative will call the provider office before your appointment to ma sure doctor is accepting new patients. The rep will also make sure the office know that you will be paying for yourself at the time of service. The provider will also b instructed to Ameriplan® for help with the bill. Ameriplan® will also follow up with the provider by a fax.

What is the Hospital Advocacy program and what the discount will be for hospital visit?
The Hospital Advocacy Program is a service that will save you money on your medical bills should they total $2,500 or more, for a single incident. Charges can be incurred from multiple providers. In the event you run a bill up to $2,500 or more a patient advocate would be assigned to your case. The patient advocate from Ameriplan® is put to work for you. He or she looks at a wide range of options, from government programs, negotiating amounts, and payment plans directly with the provider.
There is no guarantee on savings in these circumstances. The percentage saved varies on a case-by-case basis, but know that the patient advocate is going to do everything they can to drive your bill down as low as possible.

What do I do when I need to go to the doctor?
First, you must call AmeriPlan Health® Customer Service at 1-866-977-2477 and verify the provider is in our network or taking new patients. If everything checks out, you will be told to proceed with scheduling your appointment with that doctor.

Might there be areas with very few providers?
There will be some smaller markets with minimal or no providers. Major cities and large metropolitan areas should always have plenty of providers. Ameriplan® has the largest discount program network in the nation.

Are pre-existing conditions included?
Yes. AmeriPlan® is NOT INSURANCE, all pre-existing conditions are eligible for our discounted rates!

Are doctors reimbursed by AmeriPlan® for their services?
No. This is a discount plan, not insurance. We contract with providers to give you a discounted rate. AmeriPlan® allows you to receive services at a lower cost, but you must pay at the time of service.

Is everyone eligible for AmeriPlan Health®?

In the future would I be able to downgrade my program from AmeriPlan Health® to the AmeriPlan Dental Plus®?

If the doctor’s office has lab facilities, can these be used instead of going to another lab?
Yes. And you will get the same discount for the lab work as if you went to another location.

Will I receive an Ameriplan Health® fee schedule?
No. Fees will vary by zip code, and by specific contract with providers

Do I receive a separate card for AmeriPlan Health®?
Yes. You will receive four cards: two ID cards for your AmeriPlan Health® programs and twoyou’re your AmeriPlan Dental Plus® program.

Are there discounts for an emergency?
Yes. Emergency services may or may not be contracted with AmeriPlan Health®. Depending on the amount of the bill, you may be eligible for the Hospital Advocacy Program.

Is maternity care included?
All medical needs are included as long as we have contracted providers offering this service.

Will my privacy be protected?
Yes. AmeriPlan® is compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Does AmeriPlan Health® include hearing tests and hearing aids?
Yes. Hearing care is included in Ameriplan®’s Ancillary Service providers.

Is there a waiting period for new members?
No. You can use the Ameriplan Health® program as soon as you receive your membership card.

Am I restricted to the choice of which hospital I go to?
No. The Hospital Advocacy Representative will work with any hospital.