Ameriplan® as Supplemental Insurance

Ameriplan® is an Excellent Fit as Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance is sometimes needed if your medical coverage is just not enough. This insurance can help cover costs that you could not otherwise afford on your own. With many insurance companies expecting you to pay high deductibles and co-pays it is easy to see why someone would need to look for supplemental insurance.

Most supplemental insurance policies cover specific illnesses that can raise health care needs. Sometimes supplemental insurance covers things your regular insurance does not, like vision and dental. A great alternative to supplemental insurance are benefit plans that offer you discounts on health care services.

Ameriplan® offers major discounts, up to 80% for dental, and 50% on many medical services. Coverage from Ameriplan® also includes dental, vision, chiropractic and prescriptions. In conjunction with your medical insurance you can enjoy great discounts on your medical services. You will pay lower prices on things that are not covered, which can be the case, especially with prescriptions. Ameriplan® has been around since 1992 and is the largest discounted service program in the country.

Ameriplan® may offer some relief to those looking to supplement their health insurance. It is a great alternative at a low cost. The program is easy to sign up with no complicated forms to fill out. You do not even have to worry about pre-existing conditions because they are covered. Supplemental insurance is almost a must-have these days and costs keep rising, so look into Ameriplan® and what they have to offer you before getting a supplemental insurance plan.