Eye exams

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

With the high cost of medical insurance many people are foregoing vision insurance which means they are not getting regular eye exams. It is common knowledge that we use our eyes everyday. Imagine How your life would be if you couldn’t see or your vision was impaired. That is the risk you take when you stop getting regular eye exams. Ameriplan® can help! Ameriplan USA® discount dental benefits includes a vision discount plan.

Regular eye exams are very important to your eye health. An exam does not just check to see if you need eyeglasses. Your eye doctor will check your overall eye health. He or she will look for early signs of diseases that can severely effect your vision. If you already have an eye disease keeping regular eye exams is essential to your eye health. Your doctor can not treat your eye condition if you are not keeping your appointments. The condition will only worsen, causing more eye damage and vision impairment. It is especially important for children to maintain good eye health. Bad vision often contributes to problems in school that could impact your child’s future. Getting regular eye exams could also help detect other non-eye related health problems. Diabetes and heart disease can impact the eye and it is always best to catch these conditions early so they can be treated.

Regular eye exams are an important part of health care. Many insurance providers are dropping vision care and this is alarming. Your eye health is an essential part of your daily life. Vision impairments or conditions could impact your life in a devastating way. Keeping up on regular eye exams should always be a priority. To start saving money and take care of your eyes, sign up with Ameriplan® dental and receive the vision discount as well.