Ameriplan Health® Networks

Health care networks are set up to primarily help control health care costs. They work with doctors, insurance providers and patients to keep track of medical costs. They help insurance providers to choose doctors that charge reasonable fees and are willing to work with them to provide patients reliable, cost efficient health care.

Galaxy health network was established in 1993. They use professionals with over thirty years experience to help them contain medical costs. Galaxy focuses on an individual, custom approach to the problem of medical costs. They believe a universal approach does not work. Their providers are screened and checked to make sure they are providing top quality services. Galaxy works to provide fee negotiation, monitoring and reporting of medical services. The network of medical professionals under Galaxy is of the top most professional quality. Galaxy is a network utilized by Ameriplan Health®

Another health network, Beech Street, was founded in 1951. Beech Street is focused on providing custom healthcare cost management. They offer one of the countries largest PPO networks. They provide comprehensive healthcare management to provide a total cost containment solution for their clients. They have also been recognized as one of the leading preferred provider organizations. Beech Street’s dedication to customer service and commitment to building client relationships allows them to stay on top of the health network industry. Beech Street is another network provider for Ameriplan Health®

These are two examples of some of the health care networks. All of them work with the same goal in mind: providing affordable, quality health care. In this time when health care costs are going through he roof, relying on the work of such companies is essential. This is one of the reasons Ameriplan® is able to take cost out of health care delivery.