Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery Benefits With Ameriplan®

If you take a look at most vision insurance plans, you will notice that they are quite limited in the amount of coverage you get and the frequency in which you can use them. Most people go along with the vision coverage, because they don’t know any better. They think these benefits are their only choices and options. However, there is another way to get better vision coverage and that is with Ameriplan®.

Ameriplan® is not an insurance company, so they differ greatly on their benefit plans from a traditional insurance company. The complete Ameriplan® membership plan is one that covers not only vision, but also health, prescription, dental, and chiropractic services. You can also get a smaller plan that only covers dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic services.

The good news is that if you are wanting to get Lasik eye surgery, you will be happy to know the Ameriplan® packages will save you a ton of money on the procedure. Where most insurance companies would consider Lasik eye surgery a luxury and likely not cover it, Ameriplan® does not see it that way. They have already networked with specialists to form agreements on how much each specialist will charge for the procedure. Most members save between 5% and 30% on Lasik eye surgery with their Ameriplan® benefit package.

So if you are interested in getting Lasik eye surgery, be sure you think about calling Ameriplan® first to get a membership. You will love saving that chunk of money on your vision surgery fees and will start noticing how much you can save in other areas of vision needs as well.